CEOx1Day stories

Read the stories of those who have taken part in the CEOx1Day Australia programme.

Cassandra Phoon – Shadowed Tony Stuart - CEO of UNICEF Australia

It was a privilege to meet and shadow Tony Stuart, the UNICEF Australia CEO! In addition to gaining invaluable insights into Mr. Stuart's background, perceptions and senior leadership, I was exposed to the inner workings of such a wonderful NGO and their far-reaching positive impact on children in need. Drawing inspiration from this day and Mr. Stuart who I greatly respect, my intent to help others has grown, through acts of kindness, especially those who need it most. I'm so grateful for Odgers Berndtson and UNICEF for organising the unique CEOx1Day program for the first time in Australia! I have no hesitation in recommending this amazing program.

Watch Cassandra's CEOx1Day experience with Tony Stuart:

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Utkarsh Gautam – Shadowed Andrew Barkla - CEO of IDP

What an extraordinary experience to have an insight into the life of such a strong and successful, yet humble and kind, CEO of IDP, Andrew Barkla. It was an absolute privilege to spend a day with Andrew and his team. The experience was marvelous as I was able to develop my understanding of IDP and gain career development advice which has helped me to grow exponentially. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Odgers Berndtson for giving me this unique lifetime opportunity.

Neil Hussain – Shadowed Steve Weston – CEO of VOLT

Being selected for Odgers Berndtson’s CEOx1Day program was an enlightening and fun opportunity to shadow Steve Weston, CEO of Volt Bank, for a day. Being able to listen to and understand the leaders and change-makers of the future was intriguing and allowed me the opportunity to form an idea of what it means to get things done and lead by example. Volt Bank, and the most successful start ups of the future, care about what’s best for their customers and I’m excited to see the positive societal impacts they will be making in the years to come. Thank you Steve Weston and Odgers Berndtson who are providing incredibly unique experiences to Australia’s youth.

Following on his shadowing experience with Steve Weston, Neil went on to be offered a further 2-week internship with VOLT.

Watch Neil's CEOx1Day experience with Steve Weston:

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Damon Koulouris – Shadowed Kate Palmer – CEO of Sport Australia

I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Palmer and experience first hand a day in the life of a successful CEO.

Watch Damon's CEOx1Day experience with Kate Palmer:

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Ali Abid – Shadowed Elizabeth Koff – Secretary of NSW Health

What an absolute honour and a wonderful experience. I am extremely grateful and would like to thank Elizabeth, NSW Health and the Odgers Berndtson team for presenting me with such an opportunity.