How is technology transforming people operations in APAC?

13 Nov 2019

How is technology transforming people operations in APAC?

As technological change and complex talent challenges face HR leaders in APAC, our report details their responses.

To better understand their challenges and strategies, Odgers Berndtson executive search interviewed 24 HR leaders based in Asia Pacific. All work for market-leading global companies.

For our report, we asked them how they are implementing a successful people strategy in the present economic environment, in this world of perpetual upheaval.

Business and workforce transformation

The first part of this two-part series explores two main areas. Business and workforce transformation, including how technology and data analytics are informing people strategy and the employee experience. Also, how are businesses preparing talent for the work of the future.

Part two will examine generational and cultural shifts in the workforce driven by digital disruption and a constantly shifting business environment.

“We have to learn fast, act fast, fail fast, succeed fast."

Part one of the report covers:

  • Why the current business environment is one where a tech start-up mentality is king, even for large MNCs.
  • How technology is enabling companies to downsize teams and put more effort into recruiting for roles that cannot be mechanized or digitized.
  • Is HR ready for a complete digital transformation?
  • Can tech platforms enable HR leaders to spend more time on employee engagement, talent assessments and human capital management?
  • How technology is helping HR processes adapt to new and developing business modules and meet the needs of a changing workforce.
  • How companies are paying attention to helping employees do their best work.
  • The role of the CEO and CXO in building the right culture for attracting and retaining the talent of the future.
  • The three key traits that define the talent of the future.
  • The leadership capabilities and personalities necessary to manage upcoming challenges.
  • How the talent of the future in Asia can lead businesses to global growth.

Continuing the theme of how technological disruption is transforming people ops in Asia Pacific, part two of this series will explore the impact of generational and cultural shifts in the workforce. The APAC-based HR leaders we interviewed will tell us about how their business is being affected by such shifts and the strategies they are implementing to meet that challenge.


How technology is changing people operations in APAC

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