What kind of leadership thrives in a time of uncertainty and disruption? How do you lead real and necessary change? Paul Vella, Middle East Leadership Practice Head at Odgers Berndtson, answers these questions and identifies the key behaviours that count.

The acronym VUCA has become familiar in recent times as a way to describe the pace of change and level of unpredictability facing current business executives and government leaders.

Burning issues

The list of burning issues occupying the leadership of organisations the world over is a long one. Digital transformation, blockchain automation, robotics, corporate citizenship and social impact, well-being, global collaboration and trade, enterprise leadership, hyper-connectivity, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

“There is a clear awareness among the region’s leaders that far-reaching and accelerated change is required to achieve ambitious targets and attain global competitiveness.”

Much of this change is certainly being felt to various degrees across the Middle East. It’s advancing across a number of fronts, from female empowerment to sustainability goals, impacting skills and talent, and the pace of economic development.

Establishing sustainable, diversified economic conditions is at the heart of these changes, with continued historically low oil prices sending a large warning shot across the region.

Delivering transformations

To “swim” within the VUCA environment, today’s business leaders need to bring their own version of VUCA. Having Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility, is key to successfully navigate the challenges and deliver the transformations so desperately required.

“Significant change inherently carries significant risk. And leaders need to put their necks on the line.”

So what are all the characteristics leaders need to demonstrate to lead lasting change successfully?

In his White Paper, ‘Leading lasting change in an ever-changing world’, Paul Vella tackles the nature of successful, lasting change and the profile of what makes a successful change-maker, in a ‘VUCA world’.

Most critically, he identifies the five behaviours that are vital for leaders who successfully deliver against a challenging change mandate.

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Paul Vella

Paul Vella is a senior Business Psychologist, executive assessor and coach, with over 15 years consulting and coaching experience in the Middle East, UK and Europe, operating up to board level. Pri...



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