Farooq Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer, LogiPoint

LogiPoint is a Saudi Arabia based logistics real estate company, which is recognized today as the leading developer and operator of Logistics Parks and Economic Zones in the Kingdom. The company began its journey in 1999 as the Kingdom’s first Bonded and Re-Export Zone and has since evolved into a multi-faceted, award-winning logistics hub serving the international supply chain industry.

Farooq Shaikh is the CEO of LogiPoint. He has over 24 years of high impact experience and has held senior leadership roles with leading global and regional organizations in UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

In 2009, Farooq joined the SISCO (PUBLICLY LISTED: http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/SISCO:AB) Group’s SAR 2 billion Red Sea Gateway Terminal project as part of the core senior management team and played an instrumental role in building, launching, and operationalizing the first privately built state-of-the-art container terminal in the Kingdom.

Since 2018, Farooq has been at the helm of LogiPoint as the CEO and has led the organization through a global pandemic, navigated the unforeseen consequences of the ensuing (and ongoing) perfect storm in the shipping and logistics industry, and responded effectively to a scramble for elasticity and resilience across the full spectrum of LogiPoint clients, all the while growing the organization and expanding its footprint.

During this period, LogiPoint have commissioned the construction of ‘Built-To-Suit’ green facilities for global brands and blue-chip companies in the e-commerce, express delivery and 3PL segments; launched LogiPoint’s Warehouse Village 5, a multipurpose, state-of-the-art warehousing complex which includes specialized sections for handling pharmaceuticals as well as ambient, cold and frozen goods; accelerated the Jeddah Logistics Park and opened their Central Region office in Riyadh. At the core of these developments is an unwavering commitment to meet the evolving needs of the market with a singular focus on enabling the logistics and supply chain industry.

Farooq has made ESG a cornerstone of the LogiPoint value system, which is reflected in the fact that LogiPoint buildings have all been designed with green technologies at their center – from relying on renewable resources for energy needs to conserving water to eliminating waste, all new buildings adhere to strict environmental protocols dedicated to reducing carbon footprint. As part of those initiatives, the company has recently also announced planting of thousands of trees in the LogiPoint projects. LogiPoint operations teams are trained to treat environmental concerns as top priority in all operations, while the company is building green commitments into their value system, designs and KPIs.

Farooq has demonstrated a passion for people. The welfare, well-being and growth of the LogiPoint personnel take top priority under his leadership, which is also why LogiPoint witnessed a growth rather than a reduction in its teams even during the pandemic. There are extensive investments made in hiring and developing the right talent, while there is a clear focus on tapping the rich and diverse talent pool of Saudi women workforce. Under Farooq’s able leadership, Logipoint has won numerous prestigious awards, demonstrating Company’s recognition by the industry.

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