The Benefits of CEOx1Day for CEOs and Millennials

When asking, why be involved in the CEOx1Day project, the first thing that comes to mind is the benefits that can be wrought from the project

This inspiring video, which ardently explains what can be gained from the CEOx1Day programme for both students and CEOs, is an example of the strength in our belief behind our CEOx1Day project.

For CEOs it is a chance to see how Millennials are likely to change businesses in the future and for students it’s an opportunity to see exactly what goes into being a CEO and the challenges they face; hopefully motivating them to want to become leaders of the future.

Bridging the gap between CEOs and Millennials, who will one day become our future leaders, is imperative to the success and advancement of businesses to move confidently towards the future. Investing in this connection between CEOs and undergraduate students aids in the advancement of our tomorrow, and is something that we at Odgers Berndtson are very passionate about.