2020 CEOx1Day Programme transcends challenges of current pandemic

Despite the turbulence and uncertainty of life over the last year, Odgers Berndtson Middle East has forged ahead with our CEOx1Day programme, conducting the selection process and assessment centres virtually. The interest and engagement levels have been fantastic and the quality of the applicants and finalists is better than ever.

We are so proud of our eight finalists, their dedication to the programme and enthusiasm for learning and development has shone through from the beginning. We are also grateful to all of the CEOs who agreed to create this once in a lifetime opportunity for our winners.

Below are two of our finalists who have completed their CEOx1Day shadowing in person.

Shama Almazrouei of Khalifa University with Regis Schultz, President of Al-Futtaim Retail and David Greenwood, Partner in Odgers Berndtson Middle East who heads the CEOx1Day Programme

Shama Almazrouie is an Electrical Engineering student of Khalifa University.

"This was one of the most interesting experiences. Getting the chance to get a glimpse of what a CEO goes through a day and how much effort they put into their companies taught me a lot about where I see myself in the future. This was definitely an experience that taught me lots of things that I will carry into my career."


Bestan Star of Heriot-Watt University with Faraz Khalid, CEO of noon and David Greenwood

Bestan Star is an Architectural Engineering student of Heriot-Watt University.

”CEOx1day offers an opportunity for students to grow and learn in a practical manner, providing a different experience than the traditional educational setting.”

”Having the chance to spend a day shadowing the CEO of noon, Faraz Khalid gave me valuable insight on leadership, strategic partnership and on-demand business. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely one of the most memorable highlights of my university life!”