Do you have what it takes?

Q. Do I have what it takes? 

A. If you're an undergraduate student with ambition and drive wanting to own your own company, become a CEO / Senior Leader or Entrepreneur then you have exactly what it takes to be one of our applicants. Confidence and bright ideas can always be helped with some guidance from those who are already leaders, who better than a CEO to show you how its done? Find out more from our previous finalists here


Q. How many students are paired with a CEO? 

A. Only one student and one CEO will be paired together, to enable them to get the most out of the experience. 


Q. Which university years and subjects are able to apply to the project? 

A. The project is open for all students in the final two years of their undergraduate degree to apply, regardless of their degree. Students will then be assessed via various methods and the finalists will be selected and paired with the appropriate CEO. 


Q. Why should I take part (Student)? 

A. You'll have the fantastic experience of being able to shadow an experienced and influential leader within the region, seeing what it's really like to be a CEO and all that the job entails. You'll get to experience the life of a leader, that so few ever get the opportunity to see. It'll look great on your resume and if you impress your CEO, you might get the opportunity for an internship or more. See what our finalists from 2017 said about their experiences with their CEOs. 


Q. Why should I take part (CEO)? 

A. Getting ahead on the millennial way of thinking is beneficial for any company. Their bright ideas and interests can be useful to your company and your industry, to see how the younger generation will change things in the future. We select the highest caliber of student, not just based on their academic achievements, but via our various assessments that consider their interests, personalities and mannerisms. We may even have found you a potential intern or graduate hire. It's also a great way to give back. Don't believe us? See what our participating CEOs from 2018 had to say about taking part in the project:

Bruce Robertson, MD, Jaguar Land Rover MENA

Guido Ferralasco, MD, Ferrero

Paul Griffiths, CEO, Dubai Airports


Q. What will the itinerary with the CEO be like? 

A. The experience is different with every company depending on their industry so we can't promise what the day will be like. So far students have experienced: automotive shows, theatre productions, explored the inside of airports, board meetings, attended events and charity outings. It's always an exciting experience and can last from one day to a week in some cases. See what our past finalists have been up to, by following our social media channels or seeing our media pages.