Bridging the Talent Gap

13 December 2012

While the financial crisis and subsequent recession have been at the forefront of people’s minds for the past few years, shifts in the finance function have been taking place that have created a need to review how organisations assess and prepare talent for the CFO role.

In today’s environment, companies are looking to the finance function to fully participate in all areas of business in an integrated fashion. In essence, the CFO will use his or her financial expertise to influence and affect decisions across all areas of the business.

In addition, regulatory changes have increased demands for transparency and accountability and have created an environment where CFOs must be completely aware of decision making processes, mitigate risks and actively participate in designing the strategy and direction of the company.

Due to the changing demands on the finance function there is a growing trend towards specialisation. As a result, talent does not simply rise up through the finance function in a well-rounded manner, whereby professionals naturally develop the depth and breadth of experience.

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Categories: Financial Management

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