As educational institutions continue to fight for their position in a changing economic and social model, leading talent becomes a critical factor in success. Educational institutions must now develop integrated academic partnerships, forge links with global enterprise and negotiate funding and direction with local and central governments in order to flourish.

Working around the globe from 30 countries, Odgers Berndtson has sourced senior academic and administrative talent for many of the world's leading educational institutions.

From universities and colleges to business schools, quangos and independent schools, Odgers Berndtson is able to identify outstanding individuals who not only possess the expertise, commitment and diverse skills required, but who also have the personal and professional qualities to be effective in the educational sector and within the unique culture of each individual institution.

Working with our function experts, Odgers Berndtson's Education Practice is able to assist with almost any senior appointment:

  • Research-led universities
  • Technical or vocational institutions
  • Liberal arts colleges
  • Further education colleges
  • Secondary and preparatory education
  • Business schools
  • Awarding bodies
  • Government departments
  • Schools and business partnerships
  • Vocational and training skills sector

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Workshop “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment”

Currently the universities partaking in the 5 – 100 Academic Excellence Programme face a challenging goal to become internationally competitive. To reach this goal, they need to attract academic talent from Russia and other countries. To do it effectively, a university should formulate a proper search strategy and take a professional approach to interviewing potential candidates for academic roles.

During the two-day workshop “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment,” our experts share valuable knowledge and skills enabling the universities to perform these tasks successfully.

Download the booklet “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment” 

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