Education has become a truly global market place. Dramatic growth in new Asian and South American markets, as well as the boom in education technology, has placed a premium on education leaders with the talent to take advantage of these new markets and technologies to create greater value for their students and customers.

With an increasing focus on academic and industrial partnerships for universities, schools, and commercial providers, today’s education leaders require the skills, enthusiasm, and political agility to manage numerous different stakeholders.

Based on Odgers Berndtson’s successful international experience, the Moscow Office in 2011 established in Russia the first and unique Education Practice. Possessing a deep understanding of the sector and a global network of contacts, our consultants search for administrative and academic leaders for schools, universities and other educational and scientific organisations in Russia and the CIS countries.

Cooperating with Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science and the 5 – 100 Project Office, we are proud to contribute to the development of the country’s education and science and to the improvement of their international competitiveness.

Workshop “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment”

Currently the universities partaking in the 5 – 100 Academic Excellence Programme face a challenging goal to become internationally competitive. To reach this goal, they need to attract academic talent from Russia and other countries. To do it effectively, a university should formulate a proper search strategy and take a professional approach to interviewing potential candidates for academic roles.

During the two-day workshop “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment,” our experts share valuable knowledge and skills enabling the universities to perform these tasks successfully.

Download the booklet “Effective Strategy of International Academic Recruitment” 

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