The retirement of the current generation of corporate leaders will lead to cultural changes that most organisations are unprepared for. This report provides signposts for ways in which companies can thrive in the post-baby boomer landscape.

Richard Boggis-Rolfe, Chairman of Odgers Berndtson

After the Baby Boomers

One of the biggest, and most underappreciated, upheavals that will affect companies over the next decade is the retirement of the current generation of senior executives. As these leaders prepare to hand over the baton to the next generation, it becomes ever more pertinent to ask: What will follow in their wake?

To create this report, we spoke to 100 senior managers of global companies. Their responses provide an in-depth understanding of how companies see their marketplaces and workforces changing over the next two decades, and how ready they are to embrace these changes.

They represent a wide range of industries and geographies and 30% are women. Their responses fall into three broad categories: What is the situation now? What skills will be most important in the next 20 years? How futureproof are today’s companies?

The report closes with some suggestions on how companies can prepare themselves for a new generation of leadership. It concludes that, to continue to thrive, organisations must:

  • Transfer knowledge, by coaching, mentoring and codification.
  • Re-evaluate their organisational structure, including their incentive philosophy, and how they recruit and retain talent.
  • Build cultural awareness, designing leadership programmes that develop cultural diversity, flexibility and people skills.

This research has identified some remarkable insights into the challenges facing business after we have said goodbye to the baby boomer generation. We hope you find this as insightful as we do.

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Richard Boggis-Rolfe, Chairman of Odgers Berndtson and Prof. Cliff Oswick, Deputy Dean of Cass Business School, discuss the findings from the report.

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We hope you will find this report interesting and insightful and hope that it may help you and your organisation to navigate that challenges of resourcing and leadership that we will face together over the coming decade.

After the Baby Boomers - the next generation of leadership (PDF)